Local Shares Trading

Trade on the Saudi Stock Exchange on our cutting-edge online platform, over the phone, or at your nearest Alawwal Invest Trading Lounge.

Local Shares Trading

Alawwal Invest offers its clients access to the Saudi Stock Exchange through the latest technologically-enhanced channels, which include the following: 

Online services (Alawwal Invest Tadawul and Alawwal Invest Mubasher)

Alawwal Invest has implemented the most advanced technology to offer an efficient mechanism for trading. 

The new service comes with

  • New trading features
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • Customizable display

New key features

  • After-hours orders
  • Saving orders
  • Market watch
  • Flexible online statement
  • Online fund transfers between portfolios
  • Online fund transfers to current accounts
  • Customizable display of the key functionalities.
  • Central Share Trading Unit: Alawwal Invest offers clients access to the market through Alawwal Invest call centre, which is manned with certified brokers, whom are ready to assist with any trading transactions and inquiries.
  • Lounges: Alawwal Invest's vast network of branches, located in the 3 main regions of the Kingdom, provide first class client care and service, while ensuring no less than the utmost satisfaction.

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