About Asset Management

Diversify your portfolio through our packaged and customized solutions for mutual funds and structured products, as well as Alawwal Invest’s new IPO Fund.

About Asset Management

Asset Management offers clients both packaged and customized solutions to their particular Investment needs. It manages numerous conventional and Shariah-compliant Mutual Funds and Multi Asset Funds, offering investors access to local and regional markets; professionally managed by a team of qualified staff. Asset Management also offers Managed Accounts for high net worth individuals as well as corporate and institutional clients. 

Mutual Funds

The following types of funds are available at Alawwal Invest-Asset Management; Money Market Funds, Morabaha Funds and Conventional and Shariah-Compliant Local & Regional Equity Funds.


Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPMs)

Alawwal Invest offers Managed Accounts to high net worth and affluent individuals as well as corporate and institutional clients, seeking the best possible growth and/or return for their capital.


Structured Products

Alawwal Invest launches from time to time structured investment products to take advantage of the latest market opportunities in line with investors’ objectives.


Why Choose Alawwal Invest?

Benefits of Investing with Alawwal Invest:

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