Mutual Funds Board

Fund Name

Fund Name
Board Member Name
1SAR Money Market Fund2AlYusr Morabaha and Sukuks FundMr. Khalid Al-Muammar - Chairman

Mr. Ali Al-Gudaihi - Secretary

Mr. Hani Al-Abbadi - Independent Member

Mr. Abdulhamed Al-Saleh - Independent Member

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Swailem – Independent Member
3AlYusr SAR Morabaha Fund4AlYusr Saudi Equity Fund
5Saudi Equity Fund6GCC Equity Fund
7Saudi Financial Inst Equity Fund8Aman Multi Assets Fund
9AlYusr GCC Equity Fund10Tamouh Multi Assets Fund
11Mizan Multi Assets Fund12AlYusr Mizan Multi Assets Fund
13AlYusr Aman Multi Assets Fund14AlYusr Aman Multi Assets Fund
15AlYusr SHC IPO Fund


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