About Alawwal Invest

We’re a market leader in brokerage, asset management and investment banking solutions tailored to the needs of private and institutional clients.

About Alawwal Invest

Alawwal Invest was established on 27th Dhu Al-Hijjah 1428, 1st January 2008 and is an independent (100% owned) Investment subsidiary of The Saudi British Bank; with a vision to become a leading provider of innovative Investment Banking solutions for private and institutional clients, providing superior products and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alawwal Invest is One Person Closed Joint Stock Company with fully paid Capital of SAR 840,000,000 with a CR No. 1010242378.

Introducing a Financial Powerhouse

Alawwal Investwas licensed to carry out securities business as authorized by the SaudiArabian Capital Market Authority, including dealing, managing, arranging,advisory, and custody as both principal and agent on 8th Rajab 1428,22nd of July 2007 (No.:07077-37) and commenced its business on 2nd Rabi Al-Thani 1429, 8th of April 2008.

Leveraging our know-how and expertise

Alawwal Invest is staffed with a team of professionals having extensive experience in the field of investment banking, Brokerage and Asset Management services across global markets. This team is well qualified and prepared to offer solutions to meet clients’ specific investment needs through our wide range of products and services. Combining the in-depth knowledge and experience of The Saudi British Bank in the Saudi market, Alawwal Invest will strive to deliver first class investment performance and quality of services to its clients.

A full suite of products and services adapted to your needs

Brokerage Services

  • Local Equity Market
  • GCC and International Markets
  • Fixed Income

Asset Management

  • Mutual Funds
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPMs)
  • Structured Products

Investment Banking

  • Initial Public Offerings and Rights Issues (Secondary Public Offerings)
  • Sukuk and Bond Issuance
  • M&A Advisory. Private Placements and General Advisory Services

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